OmVeda Wine Red Henna Powder


100% natural henna based colour using Ayurvedic herbs that will help enhance the condition of your hair whilst imparting a colour. Safe to use on hair that has been dyed. Herbal henna colours are a combination of henna, myrobalam, bhringraj (renowned for its ability to rejuvenate hair), brahmi, and red clay to formulate natural hair colour. It should be noted that the depth of colour cannot be compared to mainstream hair dyes and it may take a few applications to achieve depth. It may take upto 48 hours for desried shade to take effect. Colour should last up to 2 weeks

– Lawsonia Intermis Linn
– Red Kaolinite or Red Clay
– Eclipta Alba
– Centella Asiatica
– Terminalia Chebula
– Terminalia Bellerica Roxb

10% of all purchases is donated to survivors of domestic violence in Australia.

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