OmVeda Hair Tonic


All types especially Pitta.

A formula which works as a special tonic for the hair and scalp. Made with triphala, mint and musk mallow, it is cooling and nourishing for the scalp. Used daily it can help to prevent split ends, brittle hair, and rough hair. It can be useful for controlling hair loss and dandruff. It helps to thicken the hair with continued use. It is non-oily therefore does not necessitate washing the hair.

– Purified Aqua q.s.
– Trifla Kwath Ext. (Equal parts Emblic, chebulic and belleric Myrobalam)
– Aegle Marmelos Ext.
– Nardostachys Jatamansi Ext.
– Abelmoschus Moschatus
– Mentha Longifolia Ext.

10% of all purchases is donated to survivors of domestic violence in Australia.

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